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A.G. Lafley Defines Effective Business Strategy [Video]

Source: Forbes Former P&G CEO shares leadership, brand and marketing insights from his new book, ‘Playing to Win.’

Extreme Sports in Alaska: Fun on the Snow and Ice [Video]

Source: the New York Times From ice climbing to skijoring, sports help enliven the Alaskan winter.

Leap Motion in Action [Video]

Source: Fast Company There’s something magical about drawing in a computer paint program by leisurely sliding a finger through the air. As one Fast Company reporter put it while trying Leap Motion’s gesture control technology for the first time: “I feel like God.”

Dems, GOP prepare for baseball face-off [Video]

Source: Washington Post Republican and Democratic members of Congress take their annual baseball showdown pretty seriously. We peeked in on preparations for Thursday’s game.

Google’s new Moto X smartphone [Video]

Source: CNNMoney The new Moto X has an array of sensors to help you use it without touching it. But is it the future of the smartphone?