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Few Random Pictures of Me and My Friends

Here are a few random pictures of me and my friends.  

Lonely Entrepreneur? How to Build a Support System [Video]

Source: Entrepreneur Online Starting your own business can be an isolating experience. You’re working all hours of the day and night, often all on your own. Finding the right people to surround yourself with can be a challenge. But there are a few way to build a support system. You can check out an incubator [...]

Here are a few random pictures of me and my friends

Bill Drayton: Change-making is Key to Future Success [Video]

Source: ecorner Ashoka Founder and CEO Bill Drayton discusses how the ability to be an effective changemaker will be absolutely necessary to succeed in the future of open, fluid teams and historic levels of change.

Petra Nemcova’s Source Of Positive Light [Video]

Source: Forbes Supermodel survives a tsunami and turns tragedy into a positive force for change while bringing hope to children in some of the world’s more impoverished regions.