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Words to Start a Stampede: New York Apartment for Sale

Source: The New York Times Even by New York City standards, Annette Suarez’s Manhattan apartment has a few drawbacks. It is a 408-square-foot one-bedroom and a fifth-floor walk-up. While it is nicely renovated, the miniature stainless steel refrigerator accommodated by its kitchen area is only hip-high. No matter. When the apartment was listed two months [...]

Real-Estate Rebound Buoys Underwater Mortgage Borrowers

Source: The Wall Street Journal As the real-estate market rebounds, many luxury homeowners who just a few years ago had their heads underwater are now only ankle deep. At the end of the first quarter, 20.6% of homes with jumbo mortgages were underwater, meaning the owners owed more on the mortgage than the home was [...]

John Catsimatidis’s Real-Estate Investments and the Mayoral Race

Source: WSJ Billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis is best known as the owner of 32 New York supermarkets and as a Republican mayoral hopeful who livens up often-sluggish candidate forums with a torrent of offbeat, off-the cuff policy prescriptions. But the owner of Red Apple Group and its Gristedes Foods subsidiary also is a quiet, long-term [...]

Wright’s New York Showroom, Now Just a Memory

Source: The New York Times A small landmark of New York City architectural and automotive history disappeared recently, almost without notice. The theatrical auto showroom designed by Frank Lloyd Wright at 430 Park Avenue, at 56th Street, had displayed a number of European brands over the years, notably Mercedes-Benz from 1957 to 2012. The space, [...]