Ortiz wins World Series MVP [Video]

Source: CBS Sports MVP David Ortiz and the Red Sox, baseball’s bearded wonders, capped their remarkable turnaround by beating the Cardinals 6-1 in Game 6. Oriz shares his thoughts on the honer after the game on Wednesday night.

Heaven In Hell’s Kitchen? Atelier Mega Condo Combo Tries for an Audacious $25 M.

Source: New York Observer You have to hand it to the Atelier—the silvery tower at 635 West 42nd Street might lack the old-world elegance of 15 Central Park West, the prestige of 740 Park or the stratospheric closing prices of Superior Ink, but it’s certainly determined to play in the same league as the city’s [...]

Under Armour Signs 20,500-SF Lease for First NYC Store

Source: Commercial Observer Under Armour is set to squeeze into its first New York City retail location after signing a 15-year, 20,500-square-foot lease at 583 Broadway in Soho. Space at the store, which is expected to open next year, is spread between a 7,000-square-foot ground floor, 6,000-square-foot lower level and 7,500-square-foot subbasement. Read full story

Port Authority has WTC space to spare

Source: New York Post The Port Authority has been seeking a broker to sublease 150,000 square feet of its upcoming 600,000 square feet of new offices at 4 World Trade Center. But it looks like the agency may try to give back the space to Larry Silverstein, who is developing the new 2,845,000-square-foot tower at [...]

Iams Billionaire Clay Mathile Shares Business Secrets [Video]

Source: Forbes Clay Mathile, the former head of Iams and founder of Aileron discusses his latest business book, Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You.