Words to Start a Stampede: New York Apartment for Sale

Source: The New York Times Even by New York City standards, Annette Suarez’s Manhattan apartment has a few drawbacks. It is a 408-square-foot one-bedroom and a fifth-floor walk-up. While it is nicely renovated, the miniature stainless steel refrigerator accommodated by its kitchen area is only hip-high. No matter. When the apartment was listed two months [...]

Cyclists Take On the Dirty Kanza 200 – Grinding on the Gravel [Video]

Source: The New York Times Cyclists looking for a challenge are testing themselves at events like the Dirty Kanza 200, one of a growing number of gravel grinder races on Midwestern country roads.

Real-Estate Rebound Buoys Underwater Mortgage Borrowers

Source: The Wall Street Journal As the real-estate market rebounds, many luxury homeowners who just a few years ago had their heads underwater are now only ankle deep. At the end of the first quarter, 20.6% of homes with jumbo mortgages were underwater, meaning the owners owed more on the mortgage than the home was [...]

Google Is Developing Android Game Console [Video]

Source: The Wall Street Journal Google Inc. is developing a videogame console and wristwatch powered by its Android operating system.

John Catsimatidis’s Real-Estate Investments and the Mayoral Race

Source: WSJ Billionaire businessman John Catsimatidis is best known as the owner of 32 New York supermarkets and as a Republican mayoral hopeful who livens up often-sluggish candidate forums with a torrent of offbeat, off-the cuff policy prescriptions. But the owner of Red Apple Group and its Gristedes Foods subsidiary also is a quiet, long-term [...]